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Computing (Fundamentals of) / RĂ­omhaireacht (Buntosca) Masters Qualifier


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The MSc in Computing Masters Qualifier will offer graduates in non computing disciplines the opportunity to acquire the core knowledge of computing concepts necessary to be eligible for entry to the MSc in Computing programme in the School of Computing.   The philosophy behind the qualifier is that graduates from other disciplines will have developed significant transferable skills in analysis, communications and independent learning and so will be in a position to learn a focused subset of computing knowledge quickly.

Graduates of the Masters Qualifier exit with a Continuing Professional Development Diploma in Fundamentals of Computing and those who pass all modules and achieve an overall average mark of 50% can progress directly to the MSc in Computing programme.

Entry Requirements:

The minimum admission requirement is an Honours Bachelor degree (level 8) in a non computer science discipline. Applicants with other qualifications and relevant experience may also be considered for entry as exceptional cases.

Applicants must present a minimum IELTS English proficiency score of 6.5 overall with at least level 6.0 for each component.

Course Content

Object-Oriented Software Development

Information Systems

Architecture, Operating Systems and Networks

Web and User Interface Design

Systems Analysis and Testing

Further Information

School of Computing
College of Sciences and Health
DIT Kevin Street, Dublin 8
School Contact: Andrea Curley

T: 01 402 2840


Graduates who pass all modules and achieve an overall mark of 60% can progress directly to the MSc in Computing programme.

Students who do not achieve an overall average mark of 60% can progress to the Higher Diploma in Computing (DT265) programme where they can take one additional semester to help prepare for progression to the MSc in Computing programme.

Who Should Apply?

Graduates with Honours Bachelors degrees in non computing disciplines who want to get the core computing skills necessary to be eligible for entry to the DIT MSc in Computing programmes.     

Applicants are expected to be able to demonstrate analytic ability and numeracy.

Timetable / Hours

For the full-time route, teaching hours will take place Monday to Friday. Evening attendance may be required for some modules.                 

For the part-time route, teaching will be in the evening with classes starting at 18.00.   Attendance on Saturdays may be required for some modules.


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