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Applied Accounting

DT9022 PT



Please note due to the great demand for our programmes early applications are assessed when received and dealt with promptly. Therefore it is advisable to make early applications for an early response.

The programme is offered on a part time basis over two years commencing in September. It is designed for honours (2.2 or better) graduates in accounting with exemptions from Professional 1 CPA Ireland examinations looking to pursue a career as a qualified accountant with CPA Ireland.

Those commencing the programme with exemptions from Professional 1 CPA Ireland will, on successfully completing the programme and meeting other requirements, be eligible for exemption from the final Professional 2 CPA Ireland examinations.

The programme affords candidates opportunities to study advanced modules in accounting and related subject areas which are grounded in theory and applied in practice. Candidates will also develop the skills and competencies required to undertake independent research in accounting and related areas.

A distinctive feature of the programme is that it offers candidates an opportunity to engage in work based learning simultaneously with their academic studies.

Course Content

Advanced Corporate Reporting (CPA Professional 2 exam)                               

Audit Practice and Assurance (CPA Professional 2 exam)                                     

Advanced Taxation (CPA Professional 2 exam)                                                        

Strategy and Leadership (CPA Professional 2 exam)                                              

Corporate Finance    (TU Dublin MSc Applied Accounting)                      

Information Systems (TU Dublin MSc Applied Accounting)

Communications and Professional Development (DIT MSc Applied Accounting)

Accounting Research Practice (TU Dublin MSc Applied Accounting)

Research in Contemporary Issues in Accounting (DIT MSc Applied Accounting)

Work Based Learning (TU Dublin MSc Applied Accounting & CPA Ireland)   

Timetable / Hours

Candidates will attend TU Dublin on one day per week (Friday) during each academic year and work in practice and/or industry for the other four days (Monday – Thursday) of each week. 

The programme in TU Dublin will be two years of four fifteen week semesters (Semester I and II in each year), consisting of thirteen weeks of lectures, and two weeks of examinations for each Semester. This is in line with TU Dublin’s current academic calendar. 

Candidates will be on full time work placement for each subsequent week (outside semesters) during the first two years and full time during year three of the work placement. 


Graduates will be eligible for the award of MSc in Applied Accounting from TU Dublin.
Graduates will have one further year of training after which they will be eligible to apply to be members of CPA Ireland, subject to meeting all CPA Ireland requirements.

Entry Requirements:

An honours bachelor degree (2.2 or higher) in an accounting and finance undergraduate degree along with exemptions from Professional 1 CPA Ireland suite of exams. An international student must also have an IELTS of 6.5 or above to be considered for entry to this masters.

Candidates that do not have the appropriate undergraduate degree may still be considered for admission to this masters under exceptional entry if they have secured Professional 1 CPA Ireland suite of exams and appropriate work experience.

The programme is designed for accounting graduates looking to pursue a career as a CPA Ireland qualified accountant.

For Further Information

Dr. Ruth Casey 
Assistant Head of School of Accounting & Finance
College of Business 

T: 01 402 7068

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