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Am I eligible?

If you are a jobseeker with a previous history of employment,or a returner or currently in employment, Springboard might well be for you. Since 7 May 2015, Springboard has offered 9000 free places on over 280 courses leading to awards at certificate, degree and post-graduate level.

The following are eligible to apply for courses in 2018/19 academic year (subject to the applicant meeting all residency and nationality/visa requirements and any academic requirements):

  • Returners (Formerly referred to as Homemakers)
    • May apply to all courses if they meet the nationality/visa requirement and residency criteria. Course specific criteria may also apply.
  • People in employment
    • May apply to all courses if they meet the nationality/visa requirement and residency criteria.
    • Please note that a 10% course fee contribution for Level 7, 8, and 9 courses is applicable for employed participants. This is payable directly to the provider.
  • The unemployed or formerly self-employed
    • All courses are open to these category of applicants, with the exception of the two-year part-time ICT conversion courses which are not open to those in receipt of a Jobseekers-related payment

Please note that documentation supporting the applicants status will be required as part of the application process

Full-time or part-time conversion courses in the area of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) are also available. These conversion courses are open to suitably qualified applicants, regardless of employment status. Applicants in receipt of a Jobseekers payment must meet additional DSP Criteria for full-time courses, but are not eligible for the two year part-time ICT Skills Conversion courses. 

Find out more about the Springboard 2018 Programmes and Eligibility Criteria For Participants