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FAQs for Undergraduates


FAQs for CAO Points

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From 2012, Dublin Institute of Technology are introducing a bonus scheme for Higher Level Leaving Certificate Mathematics on a pilot basis to run for 4 years.

- 25 points will be added to an applicant’s points score for a passing grade in Higher Level Mathematics.
- A Higher D3 in Mathematics will receive 70 points (45 common scale points + 25 bonus points).
- A Higher A1 in Mathematics will receive 125 points (100 common scale points + 25 bonus points).

The six highest scores in a single sitting of the examination are then added to give an applicant’s total points score. If an applicant presents more than one sitting of the Leaving Certificate, the best six scores in the best single sitting will be counted for points purposes. The maximum cumulative Leaving Certificate points total will increase from 600 to 625. The bonus will apply irrespective of the year in which the examinations were taken.

The bonus points will only be relevant in cases where the Higher Level Mathematics (including the bonus points) is scored as one of the candidate’s six best subjects for points. Therefore, if the Higher Level Mathematics (cumulative points score) is not among these six subjects, the bonus points will not be included in the total points score.

The Institute will not consider Foundation Level Irish for the purposes of entry requirements or for points.

The Institute will accept Foundation Level Mathematics for the purposes of entry requirements in the case of any programme where Higher or Ordinary Level Mathematics is not a requirement.
Points will not be awarded.

The Institute recognises the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) for admission purposes and results in the Link Modules element of the programme will be considered as follows:

  • Distinction 66 points
  • Merit 46 points
  • Pass 28 points

The Link Modules may be used as one of the six subjects for overall points calculation but will not be considered as a subject for the purposes of minimum entry requirements.

For many of the programmes which specify a pass in five subjects in the Leaving Certificate Examination as the entry requirement, the Senior Trade Certificate of the Department of Education and Science with one endorsement in Mathematics or a science subject will satisfy the minimum entry requirement.

Students holding this Certificate with three endorsements in academic subjects are eligible for consideration for entry into related degree level programmes. Where endorsement subjects are not offered in trade examinations, a pass in an appropriate subject of the Elementary Technological Certificate of the Department of Education and Science is an acceptable equivalent.

Restricted Entry

The reason for the restriction in the case of these programmes is the inclusion of Suitability Tests  or other assessments as part of the selection process. These programmes are marked 'restricted' in the CAO Handbook.

Advanced Entry, Transfer, Deferring, Re-Admission

Advanced Entry is where an applicant has previous work experience and/or educational achievements that are considered directly relevant to the programme they wish to apply for. In such a case, it is possible to gain entry to the second or subsequent year of an Undergraduate programme in TU Dublin.

FAQs for Mathematics Competency Test for Level 8 (Honours) Degree Programmes

Level 8 (Honours) degree programmes in TU Dublin require a higher level Leaving Certificate Mathematics grade. The Maths Competency Test is an option available to you to meet the higher level mathematics grade, either in April before the Leaving Certificate examinations or after the Leaving Certificate results are issued in August.

If you have applied through the CAO for entry to Level 8 degree programmes in TU Dublin and are ineligible for consideration due to the minimum entry requirement in Mathematics, then you should take this special exam.

If you missed the minimum entry requirement by either scoring lower the minimum entry requirement or you changed to the Ordinary Level Mathematics paper just prior to sitting the Leaving Certificate Examinations, then you should take this exam.

It is a mathematics exam organised, conducted and examined by TU Dublin.  It is an opportunity for applicants to TU Dublin Level 8 degree programmes to meet the minimum entry requirement in higher level Leaving Certificate Mathematics.

Please check the minimum requirements for your chosen programme. For the following TU Dublin Level 8 degree programmes, the minimum requirement is for higher level Leaving Certificate Mathematics:

  • DT021 Electrical / Electronic Engineering
  • DT023 Manufacturing and Design Engineering
  • DT066 Engineering (General Entry)
  • DT081 Computer and Communications Engineering
  • DT302 Business Analytics 

It will be held twice this year. The first sitting is in April and the second will be in August.

For the first sitting in April, the results will be sent to you by email after the completion of the Leaving Certificate exams.  

For the second sitting in August, we will endeavour to furnish you with a result (pass / fail) of the exam within one week.

If you have been successful in the MCT, you will become eligible for consideration on the specified Level 8 degree programme(s) in respect of the minimum entry requirement in maths. DIT will inform the CAO directly of your eligibility.

The CAO will allocate places on the programmes according to the points system.

Please note that success in the Special Maths Exam does not automatically guarantee a place on a TU Dublin Level 8 degree programme.