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Fees, Grants & Scholarships

An essential part of going to college is managing finances. At TU Dublin, we want to ensure you are made aware of all possible grant and scholarship opportunities that are available. In terms of our own fees, we continuously review our fee structure and work hard to offer very competitive academic fees, giving you or your family member real value for money.


If you have academic goals, we believe that finance does not have to stand in your way. There is a range of maintenance grants available for all types of courses and qualifications. We’ve outlined your grant options here.


Rewarding academic, sporting or cultural excellence is something we strongly believe in at TU Dublin. Our range of scholarships is designed to offer financial help to applicants and students who have the potential to achieve their academic and personal goals. Excellent packages are awarded to outstanding candidates. Read all about our Scholarship programme here.


The fees you pay will cover the cost of your study at TU Dublin as well as charges for registration, tuition, examinations and more. We are well aware of the current economic climate and we’re committed to keeping our fees as competitive as possible. 

Full-Time Undergraduate Fees

Part Time Undergraduate Fees for Academic Session 2017/18