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Engineering (General Entry) / Innealtóireacht (Iontráil Ghinearálta)


What is... Engineering?

DT066 is the common first year entry point for the majority of four year Level 8 Engineering Degrees in DIT. Students specialise in second and subsequent years and may choose:

  • DT021A - Electrical & Electronic / Computer & Communication Engineering
  • DT022 - Mechanical Engineering
  • DT023 - Manufacturing Engineering
  • DT024 - Structural Engineering
  • DT026 - Building Services Engineering (HVACR)
  • DT027 - Civil Engineering

Second chance Maths!

The Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) hold a Special Mathematics Competency Test (MCT) for applicants to its Level 8 (Honours) Engineering programmes requiring a minimum grade of H4 in Leaving Certificate Mathematics. The purpose of the MCT is to offer candidates an alternative route to achieve this minimum entry requirement. The MCT is the same standard as Honours Leaving Certificate Mathematics and students who have studied LC Honours Mathematics may avail of the MCT. The MCT is held twice a year and preparatory tutorials are provided by DIT lecturers.

What are my career opportunities?

DT066 is the stepping stone to an exciting and rewarding career as a professional engineer.  DIT's Engineering degrees are accredited by Engineers Ireland and our qualifications are recognised worldwide. 

What other options do I have after completion?

Students who have reached the appropriate honours standard may have access to a wide range of Masters Degrees and Research Degrees in DIT and elsewhere in Higher Education.

Learning Outcomes: What will I Study?

DT066 Students learn fundamental  principles (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry), Engineering Applications (Mechanics and Electrotechnolgy) and Applied Skills (Technical Graphics, Computing and Professional Development).  Throughout the year the theoretical subjects are supported by laboratories and a comprehensive programme of design projects including a robot building project, a bridge building project and an energy efficiency project. 

Module Listing 

  • Mathematics
  • Engineering Physics
  • Mechanics
  • Chemistry
  • Technical Graphics
  • Electrotechnology
  • Engineering Computing
  • Instrumentation for Engineers
  • Engineering Professional Practice
  • Design Projects

Further Information

T: (01) 402 4014 (School Administrator) 


"Employers were definitely impressed by the fact that I came from DIT"

"You learn a lot and they (projects) are really really fun"

 "If you like making things then this is the course for you"