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As one of the major third level infrastructuctural developments in Europe over the coming decades, DIT sees Grangegorman as an ideal opportunity to incorporate state-of-the-art sustainable theories and practice from the master planning stage through to the site’s everyday usage on completion.

By making sustainable technologies an integral and highly visible element of the campus, future generations across all disciplines can be positively influenced to consider sustainability issues in their professional lives. In terms of support, the DIT Sustainability Group will seek resource support from European and Irish bodies for test-bed initiatives that under today’s economic criteria can be deemed uneconomic yet offer potential environmental, societal, and/or economic benefits for future Irish and European development. 

Low Carbon Buildings

Research in Low Carbon and Zero Emissions Buildings is undertaken through the Dublin Energy Lab.

DIT Aungier Street - Current Electric Eneregy Use 

DIT is part of the Dublin Colleges e3 Energy Bureau which provides for energy surveys, building benchmark guidelines, a building rating poster system and an energy awareness campaign which promotes energy awareness throughout the DIT. 

Go to the Energy section to find out more on what DIT is doing to reduce overall eneregy consumption. 

If you would like to know more about the resarch DIT is involved in continue to one of these pages Building Design and Management, Energy and Environment.

Sustainable Transport

DIT has 22,000 students and staff, and it has been conservatively estimated that they make over 5 million trips to and from college during the year, travelling over 60 million kms. Yet some 80% of trips in DIT are made by sustainable modes of transport such as Walking, Cycling and Public Transport.

Find out more about what DIT is doing to reduce the numbers commuting by non-sustainable modes to DIT in the Transport Section

If you would like to know more about the ongoing research in the area of Sustainable Transport at DIT you can begin your search here -  TransportMarine and Planning

We've got Waste

DIT being a large acemdemic institution will produce a significant volumne of waste when compared to a normal sized business, but this does not mean that we cannot reduce the volumne created nor the volume which is dumped at landfill.

In 2010, 1020 tonnes of waste was created and disposed of at DIT.

DIT is doing its bit to reduce this and you can find out how in the Waste Section

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