DIT’s Environmental & Health Sciences Institute

The Environmental Health Sciences Institute (EHSI) is a dedicated research institute for inter-disciplinary environmental health sciences research.  ESHI involves the collaboration of DIT with the Health Services Executive, Dublin City Council, University of Ulster, Dublin City Univeristy, and the Institute of Public Health. The institute integrates scientific and technical expertise with planning, policy and regulatory capability and relevant industry partners to bridge the science-policy-innovation gap. The overarching mission and vision is to achieve "Healthier Lives for Children, the Elderly and Vulnerable Populations".

The inter-disciplinary research teams pursue seven specific areas of research focus: Lifestyle & Policy; Water Quality; Air Quality; Radiation & Noise; Bio-monitoring; Energy; and Food Safety & Quality.

DIT’s Radiation and Environmental Science Centre

In aquaculture, the RESC is an academic centre specialising in radiation biology and environmental toxicology. The Centre has demonstrated considerable research success in the development of novel in vitro cultures from human, fish and invertebrates of ecological importance, for employment in radiation and ecotoxicological studies.

DIT’s Centre for Research in Surface Engineering

CREST is the leading surface coatings and corrosion control laboratory in Ireland, serving the island’s industrial and academic needs. This is achieved through innovation partnerships involving product/process development, inspection, testing, specification and applied research. The group is committed to facilitating the synergy between the academic and industrial community. Click here for more details.

DIT’s School of Physics

The School has a proven track record in enviromental health research. Examples of key publications in the area of air pollution and health are The Dublin Coal Ban and The Health Effects of the Smoking Ban. Currently an EPA STRIVE project is assessing Air Quality in 4 Irish Towns. Members of the School have published on the health effects of climate change and have members involved in EU collaborations on climate and health. For further details contact Pat.Goodman@dit.ie (+353.1.402 4782) 

DIT's European Environment Funding Coordinator

Filipa Ferraz provides support in developing funding submissions under the theme of Environment. For more click here.