Transport & Mobility

TU Dublin’s Transport & Mobility Research Group

The DIT Transport & Mobility Research Group investigates and assesses urban and suburban planned and existing mobility networks (for example click here).  Members of the group have acted as the national focal points for EU funded sustainable transport networks including BESTUFS (Best Urban Freight Solutions), SILENCE (development of solutions for sustainable city living) and NICHES/POLIS (integration of spatial planning and transportation for the sustainable city). The group carries out applied research to enhance sustainability in transportation. An example is the “Low Noise Solutions for Night Deliveries” project relating to transport acoustics and quiet freight deliveries at night for sustainable urban living. 

TU Dublin’s National Institute for Transport & Logistics

For over a decade NITL has been providing expertise in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Along with delivering its well-established M.Sc in Supply Chain Management, NITL’s research is increasingly investigating the management of waste throughout the supply chain along with advising on efficient delivery systems.

TU Dublin’s School of Mechanical & Transport Engineering Research

The School includes the Department of Transport Engineering, with a full-time staff of forty, providing courses, both technical and managerial, across a range of disciplines involving all transport modes (Road, Rail, Sea and Air). The School’s research facilities include a rolling road, ideal for tail-pipe emission measurement. Other research capabilities include sustainable transport, transport management, and long haul flights.

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