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TU Dublin Internet Publication Policy
Declaration of Objectives

TU Dublin is committed to:

  • the use of online electronic publication and communication, both internal and external, in order to further the aims and objectives of TU Dublin
  • the promotion of online exchange of information for research and education
  • the promotion of quality in information content and presentation
  • the promotion of an image of TU Dublin in keeping with its aims, objectives and ethos
  • providing staff and students with appropriate access to e-mail and Internet services.


This policy covers all internal and external Internet-based communications involving TU Dublin members, users and connected units The Directorate of External Affairs is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of this policy.

Establishment of Internet Servers

Servers for Internet services must be registered in all cases with the Director of External Affairs whether established centrally or peripherally. They must be managed in a coordinated and coherent manner. At registration, "Webmasters" (cf hereunder) will be identified to accept responsibility for all content emanating from their unit. Co-ordination of all Internet services will be the responsibility of the TU Dublin Web Administrator.

Publication of Web Pages

Every structural TU Dublin page (such as Faculty or School pages) which represents TU Dublin and peripheral pages, such as those of clubs or personal pages which do not formally represent TU Dublin, must comply with the templates established for TU Dublin pages and guid elines, including authoring standards by the TU Dublin Web Administrator.

Faculties (schools and departments), research, administrative and other recognised TU Dublin units are strongly urged to develop their own home pages.

Editorial responsibility for structural pages rests with webmasters appointed by Faculties or Schools, etc in final agreement with the Director of External Affairs.

Contents must be inoffensive and legal, respecting both EU and national legislation, particularly copyright laws & the Data Protection Act. Advertisements for commercial enterprises will not be permitted.

All contents must comply with current HEAnet Acceptable Usage Policy.

The TU Dublin Staff and Student Rules & Regulations will also apply to the use of the TU Dublin web space.

All contents must be of a high quality, in keeping with TU Dublin's public image and meeting the same standards as other forms of TU Dublin published information, such as print, audio-visual, etc.

All web pages must give a contact e-mail address for the person responsible for the page and must mention the date of last update.

Copyright notices on structural pages will be necessary.

The official home page will carry a disclaimer stating that TU Dublin cannot vouch for the accuracy or integrity of linked pages and these pages may contain content not approved by TU Dublin. All peripheral pages must carry a disclaimer stating that TU Dublin can accept n o responsibility for the contents.

Pages should only contain information relevant to TU Dublin activities.

TU Dublin may request any page to be amended or removed immediately if it is in contravention of any part of this policy.

(Approved by the Directorate on 04.02.1998)