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Contacting Occupational First-Aiders in your area

In the event of a First-Aid emergency at DIT, Occupational First-Aiders in your building/area are the first point of call.

ALSO: DIT Occupational Health Officers are 'on call' from 9.00am to 5.00pm to give advice over the phone or to tend to the scene if they are in the vicinity.

Where an Occupational First-Aider is not available in your building/area, a staff member who is currently trained in Emergency First-Aid or if no such staff member is available, an Occupational Health Officer may be called upon.

Details of staff members in each building/area who are currently trained in EMERGENCY FIRST AID (in the last two years) HERE

Details of staff members in each building/area who are currently trained in Occupational First Aid (please click on link for lists of staff in each location)


Select Location:


Rathmines College

Bolton Street


Kevin Street


Sackville Place

Camden Row - FOCAS

Cathal Brugha Street

Mountjoy Square


Those listed have kindly given permissions for their details to be published so that they may be contacted for assistance if necessary.



There is an emergency first-aid kit and an automated external defibrillator (AED) available at the porter’s desk / reception area in all main campus buildings.

Injured/unwell students can attend their local Student Health Centre during term-time.

Your local Occupational Health Officer is also available to provide first-aid advice and/or treatment. See further details on