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Access Graduates

All students who were registered with the Access Service at the time of their graduation from TU Dublin - City Campus are Access Graduates!

Access Graduates play an important role in encouraging prospective and current Access students. We are always looking for graduates to get involved as volunteers, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

The Access Service always welcome questions and comments from our graduates. If you are interested in getting more involved, please contact

All Access graduates are also a member of the TU Dublin - City Campus Graduate Network. More information can be seen on the Graduate Network website.


Point of Contact Graduate 

Access Graduates, if you would like to link in with other TU Dublin - City Campus Access Graduates or put your name forward to be a 'Point of Contact' Graduate, please contact John (Email above).

The Table below offers the name, course of study and location of study undertaken by the Graduate. The Geographical Area / Area of Industry is the area in which the Graduate feels they can assist other TU Dublin - City Campus Access Graduates in.

The generosity of time and energy by Access Students, past and present is always great to see. We hope this table will help you to link up with other TU Dublin - City Campus Access Graduates.

Name Course / Location 

Geographical Area / Area of Industry 

Dave Rooney 

DT007, Automotive Management and Technology

Bolton St

Toronto, Canada 


John O'Connor

DT491, Environmental Health

Cathal Brugha St

Offaly, Ireland 

Food Manufacturing

 Jamie Shortt

DT365, Business & Management

Aungier St

 Wicklow, Ireland

Economics and Finance