Access Service - TU Dublin City Campus

Academic Supports


For additional free support in Maths related topics, please attend the Maths Learning Centre.  See this link for opening hours and locations: 


For additional free support with writing in an academic way, please attend the Academic Writing Centre.  See this link for opening hours and locations:


If the above two Centres cannot offer you the academic assistance you need, you can submit a request form for free grinds from a Tutor employed by the TU Dublin Access Service (City Campus). To do this, please follow the instructions below. Classes will commence after this:


  • Please note these grinds are only for Access students
  • Complete one grinds request form for each subject you are seeking assistance with
  • We do not offer grinds in Maths during term time as the Maths Learning centre is a resource for assistance with grinds.
  • Please note that we cannot guarantee Tutors are available in all subjects you request.
  • If a Tutor is available in a subject you request, this Tutor will contact you directly via email to arrange weekly small group times to meet
  • You are expected to attend grinds sessions you request once a week at the day and time you agree with your Tutor.
  • Maximum of 8 hours per subject are available to each Access Student
  • Please note that these weekly grinds sessions are NOT an additional lecture, but rather an opportunity for you to bring lecture notes about things you do not understand to a qualified Tutor.  This person will help you better understand
  • You must sign in at each session.

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