Students Learning with Communities

If you are new to this area, and would like to get involved, whether or not you have an idea for a project, we would like to help you get started. 

If you would like to find out more information about the programme please contact us.  

 What we can do for you:

  • Meet you to discuss or brainstorm a project idea, and how to adapt existing modules and/or write up new modules to incorporate Students Learning With Communities projects.
  • Identify and introduce you to an appropriate community partner for your project.
  • Provide useful resources on our website.
  • Promote your project on our website and in other ways, such as exhibitions - see the variety of recent and ongoing projects already on our website.
  • Provide you with assistance and support in preparing your students for reflection on their learning during the project.
  • Add you to our mailing list for appropriate funding and conference opportunities, updates on project ideas from communities in your subject area, and invitations to our Students Learning With Communities workshops and networking events.
  • Link you in with other TU Dublin lecturers for interdisciplinary projects that you might be interested in - such as College Awareness of Road Safety.
  • Celebrate your work and the work of your students and community partners on Students Learning With Communities projects at our annual awards ceremony.   

You and your students will benefit from projects where students learn with communities. This methodology has been shown to increase retention of students on their courses, to increase their employability after graduation, and to enhance their student experience. We rarely meet a lecturer who has tried community-based learning and hasn’t wanted to continue using it! 

If you are already running a project involving students learning with communities, we would love to hear from you, as we would like to publicise your work on this website. We would also like to support you in whatever way we can to continue this valuable work.

You might also want to link in with the Careers Service, who can work with your students to maximise their learning on your CBL or CBR project in light of their career development goals. You can read about the Careers Service here.