TU Dublin at Global Engineering and Commerce Case Competition 2019

11 March 2019

Pictured at the opening ceremony of ENGCOMM 2019: from left to right, Prof. David Kennedy, Lee Gibbons, William Tunstead, Dr. Eoghan O’Grady, Cathal Kinirons, and Brian King.

Four TU Dublin - City Campus students recently travelled to Montréal to compete at the Global Engineering and Commerce Case Competition which aims to ignite innovation by combining the technical fields of Mechanical Engineering with the dynamic area of Business. The students, Lee Gibbons, William Tunstead, Brian King and Cathal Kinirons, were led by Dr. Eoghan O’Grady (Head Coach and Senior Lecturer in the College of Business) and Prof. David Kennedy (Head of Mechanical Engineering) and supported by co-mentors Dr. Sajad Alimohammadi and Dr. Isabelle Killane.

Dr. Eoghan O Grady (Lead Coach and Senior Lecturer in the College of Business) explained the fundamentals. “The purpose of the competition is to foster collaboration between business and engineering students before they embark on their professional careers, students are to apply their strategic management skills to identify and evaluate alternative courses of action with a view to designing a solution tailored to clients’ requirements.  All this is achieved through utilising a combination of Marketing, HR, Entrepreneurial, Finance and, of course, Technical skills”. 

The team upon completion of the final 12-hour case where they reflected upon what they had just done while marvelling at the Montreal skyline. 

At the Opening Ceremony, and after a keynote speech delivered by Canadian Space Agency astronaut David Saint-Jacques, the sixteen teams from around the world were randomly divided into four divisions of four groups. TU Dublin City Centre Campus was drawn to compete against the University of Calgary, McGill University and the University of Texas.  All 16 competing universities are shown below. 

In Montréal, the first case study was sponsored by Revision Military. The case was to design a new human interface device for Revision military to produce. The team created a communication system for soldiers that could be controlled by one hand. The team produced SolidWorks drawings for this which was later the design awarded with the best Solidworks prize in the whole competition.

 TU Dublin Team won National ESB Inter Colleges Challenge competition in November 2018

The second case study required the team to work with General Electric (GE) who set the task to design a new manufacturing plant capable of producing components such as compressor blades for their aircraft engines. The TU Dublin - City Campus team developed a modular, rapid change standardised manufacturing plant, using additive manufacturing (3D printing), automation and standardisation. The team pitched a cost-effective and modular manufacturing method for the global company.

The final case study was sponsored by Bombardier and Marinvent Corporation. The case study was to develop a new method to bring the customer from door to plane and plane to door using their services. The idea was to streamline the first mile / last mile problem regarding the transport of passengers to and from airports. The team created a single phone app that used the internet of things (IOT) and AI to plan an automated car service which could adapt to traffic and airport delays. The service was to be undertaken using pre-existing cars and developing a luxury transport system in the airport for a small additional fee to the passengers. The team, TU Dublin solution, achieved the highest score in this case study by a significant margin.

The team enjoy some sightseeing following the competition in Montréal. 

On completion of the three case studies, the team finished 6th overall, winning the best SolidWorks for the competition and gaining the respect of their peers for their novel and creative ideas - so much, so they came to be known affectionately as the “Go Big or Go Home Team”. All their ideas utilised the newest technology in a novel manner which also saw realistic and concrete financial planning behind each pitch, which was praised by the judges.

Congratulations to the team, their coaches and all involved! 

Pictured at the ESB Inter Colleges Award Ceremony: from left to right, Pat O’Doherty (Chief Executive of ESB), Aoife Gallagher, Cathal Kinirons, Lee Gibbons, Brian King, Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor, William Tunstead, and Dr. Sajad Alimohammad.


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