• MKAY9006
  • Predictive Analytics

  • Credits (ECTS): 10
  • Marketing

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Module Description

The module is designed to introduce business graduates without specific backgounds in Information Systems or analytical methods, to a variety of predictive techniques using industry-standard (but highly accessible) purpose-designed software, geared to the special nature of ?Big Data?, particularly that provided by internet sales and marketing campaigns. Participants will also receive a thorough grounding in relevant underlying statistical/ probability theory but in a practical and user-friendly lab environment.

Indicative Syllabus

Understanding data.
Introduction to the PASW interface.
The tools of predictive analytics.
Computer techniques to automate data processing.
Customer classification techniques including logistic regression.
Using time series to forecast from historical data.
Using Bayesia Tree Networks predictively
Using neural and C&R Tree Networks to design retail sales promotions.
Customer classification using discriminant analysis.
Using rule induction models to analyse retail customer behaviour.
Identifying customer clusters using k-nearest neighbour models.

Total Contact Teaching Hours:20

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