• SSPL9039
  • EU Policy

  • Credits (ECTS): 5
  • Spatial Planning and Transport

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Module Description

Examination of theories and practice of regional development. The module has two components

Module Aims

It is important for executive personnel in sub national administrative agencies to have an understanding of the theories of regional development, of the trends in regional development in Europe and of the disparities between such trends and between the regions themselves.

Indicative Syllabus

Component A
Component B
Critical evaluation of impacts of the EU on Ireland from economic, cultural & political perspectives
Critical evaluation of the impact of the EU on Ireland from the regional development perspective
Development, structure and powers of the European Union
Nature and type of integration within the EU in a theoretical context
Reasons for diversity and responses to diversity
Theories and practices of regional development across the EU

Total Contact Teaching Hours:24
Class Size:40

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