Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Journalism with a Language   DT553

  • Undergraduate
  • Level 8
  • 4 Years
  • Full-Time
  • Aungier Street
  • School of Media
  • College of Arts and Tourism

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What is Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Journalism with a Language?

DIT, formerly the College of Commerce Rathmines, has educated many of the best known Irish journalists working in local, national or international media. The current BA Journalism with a language prepares students to work as journalists, with additional benefits provided by the study of a second language. Students gain competence in journalistic practice, becoming skilled in both newspaper and broadcast journalism; they gain an understanding of the importance of journalism in democratic society and become familiar with key domains relevant to journalism through politics, law and economics. Students publish and broadcast their work throughout the year in the School of Media publications. They are also encouraged to work on student publications and through professional channels. The language options available are: Gaeilge and French. These courses are to a large extent integrated with journalism - students thus gain linguistic skills together with a knowledge of the culture and literature of the language studied. The overall structure is based around three areas of study: Journalism Practice, Critical Studies, and Language. Journalism Practice is a core study area which provides a full and thorough practical grounding in the practice of journalism, including all aspects of reporting, analysis and commentary, the production of newspapers, and radio and television news. Critical Studies provides a critical framework to journalism through subjects such as history of the media, sociology of the media, media analysis, and journalism ethics. It also supports journalism practice through providing an understanding of the context in which it operates - law, economics, and politics. The language courses support students in their aim of pursuing a career as professional journalists and/or in as wide a variety of contexts as possible. Students choose between Gaeilge and French and are offered comprehensive and varied courses on the language and its associated literary, media, and general cultural context. Students spend a semester away from DIT in Year Three. Those studying French attend a journalism college abroad. Students taking the Gaeilge option, may spend the semester on work placement in Ireland, or go abroad and do a shorter work placement on return.

Students may be required to attend classes at locations across the Institute.

Please note that the catalogue is provided as a guide to modules in DIT. Not all modules listed will necessarily be offered every year and new modules may also be added. Information subject to change. For detail on specific programmes/modules please contact the relevant School directly.