Itziar Telletxea Rocha

Creatives & Workspaces

Exploring creatives and their working spaces, Dublin 2014.
Nowadays people are becoming products of consumption and so is the artist and creative. The project is an attempt to portray the creative as a consumption item in a sneak peek format. Ten creatives and workspaces were chosen. The project collects a set of three images per creative. The artwork is presented in separate prints that mix text and image. The text was written by Eddie Lennon addressing questions such as, What does creativity mean to you? What is a creative space? When/how does a creative process start?
The work has been completed with a parallel flicker album, a digital layout placed in ISUU and a set of Business Cards.
List of Artists/Creatives
Sarah Bracken, Hazel Coonagh, Abner Brown, Ania Niepsuj, James Leahy, Aoife Dooley Eddie