Nikki Mulholland

Nikki Mulholland used the DIT Ladder to study for an Honours Degree after completing her Ordinary Degree. She says don't worry about any gender gap you are soon treated like one of the lads.

My name is Nicola Mulholland, I’m 22 and from Dundalk, Co.Louth. This is my fourth year at DIT Bolton St. Last year I graduated with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering Technology BEngTech (3 year Level 7 programme). I'm currently in third year of the Civil Engineering Honours Degree Programme and will hopefully complete it next year. I really enjoy college life in Bolton St and I am quite an active member of the Student Union and college societies. This is a great way to get to know loads of people. My advice to girls thinking of doing engineering is not to worry about the gender gap, my experience is that even though the majority of the class is male, you don't really get treated very differently as long as you're willing to have the craic! Don't be put off by entry requirements or course subjects because there are numerous different routes to get to study engineering and many different fields of study to choose from once you are here.