Are you thinking about going on Erasmus?

Erasmus is a once-off opportunity for students to study at another European institution for a semester or full year. The benefits (academic, social, personal and cultural) of participating in the Erasmus programme are huge.

For some TU Dublin (City Campus) students this will be their first time living away from home. The practical demands of living independently and coping in another country are challenging but the majority of TU Dublin (City Campus) students who have participated in an exchange have had very positive experiences. It is an excellent opportunity to meet new friends; to travel in Europe and to integrate successfully into a different learning environment.

It also gives you the opportunity to take modules that may not be available on your TU Dublin (City Campus) programme; to specialise in a particular area for their final year project and to improve your language skills.

Erasmus is rated highly by employers and many TU Dublin (City Campus) students have found that their Erasmus experience has given them the confidence to work abroad after graduation or to continue their studies abroad.

Are you worried about the cost of Erasmus?

TU Dublin (City Campus) students are not charged fees in the European institution that they attend. However there are costs involved in living abroad. You will need to budget for flights, accommodation, food and other expenses. To get a general idea on the costs involved please click on the link below.

1213 Costs - Language - Accommodation

Erasmus Grant

Only TU Dublin (City Campus) students whom have made an application within the deadline(s) and have been successful for their application of funding will receive an Erasmus Grant.  Each successfull student will receive an Erasmus pack outlining the required documents for payment of grant.  This grant is intended to help with expenses. It will not cover all of your costs. During the academic year 2015-16 students received an average payment of €1,300 for a full year abroad and €850 for one semester.

Additional Funding

Students can also receive additional funding through their local authority grant and can apply to the TU Dublin (City Campus) Student Assistance Fund. For further information please see the Student Financial Aid section of the TU Dublin (City Campus) Website.

Are you worried about the language?

You will be allocated a TU Dublin (City Campus) Academic Co-ordinator while you are on Erasmus. Your academic co-ordinator here and academic staff in the host institution will provide assistance and advice to enable you to successfully complete the year or semester abroad.
Many of TU Dublin (City Campus)'s partner colleges now offer modules through English. Depending on the programme you are studying at TU Dublin (City Campus) it may be possible for you to take some or all of your modules through English. Students may also work on a final year project while on Erasmus which would be submitted in English.

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