Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia

The UNED, created in 1972, is the largest public university in Spain. The UNED was founded following the principles of the British Open University and is now the main Spanish institution for distance and blended learning. Today the UNED has around 200,000 students scattered all over Spain in 60 associated centres where students have access to libraries, tutoring, and other learning resources.

The UNED also has 12 associated centres in Europe, North and South America and the North of Africa. Around 1.500 full time lecturers in Madrid and 1.200 administrative officers supervise the teaching and organisation of more than 30 degrees and 15 doctoral programs.

In addition, the UNED has 5,700 local tutors who help students with their studies in their associated centres. The UNED also has special programs for handicapped people and students in prison.

Visit its website at: www.uned.es


UNED's Role in FluenCi

UNED will participate in all workpackages and leads 2 workpackages:

WP5 (Structured Learning Materials) and

WP8 (Exploitation).

It will actively participate in the selection and prioritisation of the phrases which go to make up the PHRASeCON and will help to quality assure these assets and deliverables produced by the consortium partners.

Their main task is to create Structured Learning Materials for the transversal groups they are targeting: undergraduate students, trainee teachers of English and adult prisoners. These groups will require suitable access to the audio and transcribed resources of the PHRASeCON. Each of the groups will require some group-specific learning materials and a tailored evaluation test.

A further role is to assess how FluenCi can integrate into UNED's distance learning methodologies.

Regarding exploitation, UNED will write a report on any issues which might arise in extending the English exemplar of FluenCi to other EU languages, starting with Spanish.

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