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Greg Burke obtained a Bachelor in Agricultural Science (1984) and a Master in Agricultural Science by research at the Faculty of Agriculture, NUI Dublin (1987). He worked in quality control and product development in secondary meat processing, then as a research and development scientist on contract at the National Food Centre on cereal processing. Greg lecturers on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses on food safety and quality and acts as a consultant in Food Safety Aspects to the Food Product Development Centre .

Education : Primary Degree: Bachelor of Agricultural Science UCD 198
Postgraduate: Master of Agricultural Science UCD 1987, Certificate in Marketing UCD 1990.


Professional Experience

Industrial experience

  • Quality Control and R+D in secondary meat processing, Gold Star Meats Dublin 1986-88
  • R+D Researcher based in The National Food Centre, Dublin 1988-90 for Red Mills (Wm Connolly and Sons, Co. Kilkenny).
  • Consultant in Food Safety to DIT Food Product Development Centre 1996-date.

Professional Body Membership

  • Member of the Institute of Food Science and Technology of Ireland 1990 to 1996.
  • Fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology of Ireland 1996 to date.

Membership of Professional Body Committees

  • Honorary Secretary of Institute of Food Science and Technology of Ireland 1995-1997.

Membership of State Bodies

  • Appointed to the Board of the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland, March 1997-2002, reappointed 2002-2007.
  • Chairman of the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland's ''Environmental Radiation Advisory Committee'' September 1997 to 2007. Also Member of RPII Public Relations Committee.

Research Experience

  • An Investigation of the Effects of the Horsemeat Scandal on Retail Meat Sales in Ireland, MSc Food Safety Management, Lorna Rabbitte 2014.
  • An Investigation of the Knowledge and Understanding of the Excellence Ireland Quality assurance (EIQA) Standard among Supervalu and Centra staff in the West of Ireland. MSc Food Safety Management, Karen Mulvihill, 2014.
  • A Comparison of Food Safety in Sandwich Bars in Jeddah , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Dublin Ireland, MSc Food Safety Management, Rawan Alhazmi 2014.
  • An assessment of the Routine Application of Food Safety Knowledge by Supermarket Deli Staff, MSc Food Safety Management. Ashley Nwaokorie, 2013.
  • A comparison of British Retail Consortium Global Food Safety Standard Version 6 Audits against Private Label Auditing. MSc Food Safety Management , Mary Mc Donald, 2012
  • Awareness Attitudes and Actions –Food Safety Practices in Dublin Hotels, MSc Food Safety Management, Glen Dinner 2010
  • Existence and Effectiveness of Controls on Cattle Farms to Minimise Foodborne Bacterial Pathogens. MSc food Safety Management, Ronan Halfpenny, 2009.
  • MacDonaill, C, McAtamney H, Burke G, Yang T, The Development of Real Time Food Safety Monitoring systems Using RFID Technology in Training Kitchens; PhD of Yang T. 2007- date
  • ''An Assessment of the Safety of Operational Practices in High-Risk Premises through the Application of Computerised Temperature Monitoring and Predictive Microbiology'', M Phil Marie-Claire Maher, 2000 Supervised by Nissreen Abu Ghannam & Greg Burke.
  • ''The Development of a Rapid Method of Detecting Genetically Modified Food Raw Materials and Products'', with Dr. G Henehan, M Phil of G. Boyce.1999

Scholarly Activity

  1. Review of a ''Students Learning With Communities'' entitled ''Food Safety Audit Assessment by DIT'' MSc in Food Safety Management Students, on ''Catering in the Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Groups'' 2008.
  2. Burke G, Rooney P, Macnamee B, Lindstrom P, Ritchie A, Boylan F. Using Serious Games to Teach Food Safety. DIT 2007 Showcase of Learning and Teaching Innovations, 17-01-2007 Hilton Hotel, Dublin.
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  4. ''A Study of Stunning Group Size On Pork Quality'', MSc Food Safety Management John Maher, 2006.
  5. ''An Observational Investigation into the Effects of Hand Washing Practices in an Irish Hospital Catering Department'', MSc Food Safety Management Cathal Russell 2006.
  6. ''Occupational Health Hazards among the Veterinary Profession'', MSc Environmental Health and Safety Management John Gilmore, 2005.
  7. ''On-Line Real Time Aid to the Verification of HACCP CCP Compliance in Beef Slaughter Systems'', M Sc. Food Safety Management; James Ryan, 2005.
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  11. ''An Investigion and Comparative Study into the level of Food Safety Training of both Part Time and Full Time Food Handlers''. MSc Environmental Health Risk Management, Sonya Nicole Coffey 2003.
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  14. ''A Study of the Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Waterborne Cryptosporidium in Public Surface Water Drinking supplies By Local authorities In Ireland'', MSc. Environmental Health Risk Management Mary Keane 2001.
  15. Hayes R, Burke G.L. 1995; ''Trends in Consumer Complaints in Ireland'', paper presented to the Institute of Food Science and Technology of Ireland Seminar ''Complaints and Traceability in the Irish Food Industry'', Dublin, November 1995.


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