Dr Carl Sullivan


Tel: +353 1 402 4543

Fax: +353 1 402 4495

e-mail: csullivan@dit.ie


Dr Carl Sullivan obtained his BA in Mathematics from Trinity College, Dublin. He subsequently undertook research in the Department of Statistics TCD where he completed his PhD on Outlier Detection for ARMA models.


Research Experience

  • Novel spectral and spatial process analytical tools for emat quality and safety assessment (Overall Coordinator) FIRM 2013.
  • A process analytical technology for characterizing the physical properties of crystals (DIT Coordinator) FP7 2013.
  • Development of novel control technology for ensuring high quality Powdered Infant Formula (DIT coordinator) FP7 2013.
  • Development of a hybrid process analytical technology to characterize the physical and chemical properties of particles-in pharmaceuticals manufacture (DIT Coordinator) FP7 2012.
  • Effective and reliable optical system for cleaning validation in pharmaceuticals manufacture (DIT Coordinator) FP7 2012.


N.N. Misra, Carl Sullivan, S.K. Pankaj, Laura Alvarez-Jubete, Raquel Cama, Frank Jacoby, P.J. Cullen (2014) Enhancement of oil spreadability of biscuit surface by nonthermal barrier discharge plasma, Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, Volume 26, Pages 456-6 

Feasibility of Near-Infrared Chemical Imaging for Pharmaceutical Cleaning Verification. 2013. Laura Alvarez-Jubete, Jaya Mishra, Ian Jones, P.J. Cullen and Carl Sullivan. Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy. Volume 21 Issue 3, 173–182.

Cleaning Verification Using Direct NIR Imaging. Cullen, P.J., Jones, I., Alvarez-Jubete, L.,Mishra, J.,Sullivan, C. American Pharmaceutical review. October 2013.

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