New DIT Technology for Capturing and Digitising Printed Data


Are you having trouble with OCR accuracy on your software platform?

DIT Hothouse has an exciting new technology designed to improve a company's ability to accurately capture and digitise data from printed materials, such as receipts, invoices and statements.

KAPTI: Intelligent Software for Capturing and Digitising Printed Data
KAPTI is a software platform which enables the automatic capture of data from receipts and printed documents, which can then be stored, categorised, or analysed. The approach used is more accurate than existing approaches, because it uses a dual machine/human process of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Crowdsourcing.

Click here to download the KAPTI Technology Information Sheet or view the short demonstration video below.

 Kapti video screenshot

Further Information and Demonstration
If you would like to learn more about this innovative technology, view a live demonstration or discuss licensing opportunities, please contact Dermot Tierney, DIT Hothouse Senior Licensing Executive on +353 1 402 7128 or email