DropChef teams up with Google to Deliver Healthy Dinners


Hothouse New Frontiers programme alumnus, Dropchef, has partnered with Google EMEA Headquarters in Dublin to deliver healthy dinners to their 3,000 staff via the DropChef on demand service.

The Dropchef Hub was launched in December 2015 at the Google offices in Barrow Street in Dublin 2.

Dropchef is a subscription based service that provides fresh & local ingredients along with healthy recipes, which are delivered weekly to customers’ homes or offices.  Co-Founder Ryan Scott participated on the New Frontiers programme in 2015. Dropchef also runs a Cook-One-Feed-One initiative, whereby for each meal cooked Dropchef will donate a meal to someone in need. Read more here!

For more information about Dropchef, visit their website here.