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HR Business Partners

TU Dublin - City Campus has four HR Business Partners. The HR Business Partner role focuses on aligning HR activities with the business by (i) providing a comprehensive, professional and efficient service, offering strategic and operational support, advice and information to the senior managers of Colleges and Central Directorates; and (ii) working with their management and staff, as well as with other members of the Human Resources Department, in the areas of employee relations, budgeting for staff costs and other employment-related costs, reporting, resource planning, staff recruitment, analysis and oversight of human resource policies and procedures.

The contact details of the HR Business Partners and the Colleges and Functions which they support are:

HR Business PartnerAreaContact details


Ciara Loughran

Student Development
Campus Services & Relocation
Corporate Services
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

T: 01 220 5187


Ethna McGowan

College of Arts & Tourism
College of Sciences & Health

T: 01 220 5185


Declan O’Donovan

Academic Affairs, Digital Campus & Learning Transformation
Research, Enterprise & Innovation Services
President’s Office

T: 01 220 5167


Alan Reid

College of Business
College of Engineering

T: 01 220 5274