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Students work experience should be covered by the employer’s liability insurance of the company they are working for and covered by DIT public liability policy. To obtain a confirmation letter of DIT Public Liability insurance please contact


Please note that DIT must obtain/ensure the following in relation to all work experience/placements:-


1. Any work undertaken by a student shall be in accordance with that usual to the trade or business of the Company or Organisation.

2. Any work undertaken by a student shall be in accordance with that usual to the course of the student.

3.  Details of activities to be undertaken by the student are to be confirmed to, and approved by, the relevant Head of School/Department, or College Manager. Any  documentation requested in relation to DIT insurance is sent from the School Office/Placement Officer directly to the Work Placement Provider. Please Note: Students should NOT receive this documentation. 

        4. Confirmation of Insurance details which must be obtained in writing from the Employer’s insurance provider:

a) Public Liability Cover - Minimum Limit of Indemnity - €2,600,000

b) Employers Liability Cover/Workers Compensation Cover - Minimum Limit of Indemnity - €13,000,000.

c) Confirmation that the Employers Liability/Workers Compensation Policy extend to cover students gaining work experience.

All Organisations, Companies who are participating in work placement must have a, b, and c above, to satisfy DIT requirements.

5. A record of the above details must be held in the College Managers Office.

6. Any student completing a placement outside Ireland is required to take out travel/medical insurance. It is important to advise the travel insurance provider that students are travelling for work experience, rather than a social visit, to ensure correct cover is provided.


Insurance policies are subject to limits and exclusions, e.g. for hazardous activities, or where the student is under the influence of alcohol or drugs etc. The extent and level of cover varies depending on the policy.

Failure to disclose all relevant information may render the insurance voidable.

For queries please contact