ICT work programme 


SLT Campus Development sub-committee

The DIT Senior Leadership Team has appointed a Campus Development sub-committee for the purpose of ensuring that:

  • - The full benefits of relocation to the new campus at Grangegorman are optimised for all staff & students
  • - To plan for and maintain the DIT infrastructures to meet the educational needs and standards of the Institute in line with the approved Strategic Plan and approved School/Functional area plans

Terms of Reference - SLT Campus Development sub-committee


Each year, Campus Development approves a programme of work for ICT Services to undertake in support of the Institute’s mission. This is identified as the ICT work programme, and is in additional to existing "business as usual" operations. This work programme can require significant capital funding in additional to recurrent budgets to deliver its objectives, and consequently, it is essential that appropriate ICT governance is place if projects are to meet their objectives.

The Office of the CIO provides assistance in the management and delivery of ICT projects, by delivering standardised procedures and templates, guidance on project management, and provides regular updates to Campus Development of the status of the ICT work programme.

Campus Development has agreed a process for the approval of projects, and has set out the responsibilities and accountabilities of those individuals charged with delivery of approved projects. This is available in the approved charter below.

SLT Campus Development Charter for the IS Critical Path


For any further information regarding the ICT work programme, please contact

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