Brian Moss

I applied for the MA Criminology, initially attracted by the range of modules and degree structure, sure that it would enhance my career within criminal justice, but uncertain as to whether I had what it took. A few years out from my last postgraduate experience, the prospect of submitting myself again to the standards of university education was unsettling. 

As I was to find out, there was more reason to enjoy than to worry at DIT. The core benefits for me in choosing its MA Criminology programme turned out to be the mix of students in the class, covering a variety of job-holders and different experiences of learning, and the lecturing staff. Classes delivered were clear, informative, and thought-provoking. Not only that, but lecturers were supportive, particularly when it came to the dissertation. 

My positive experience on the DIT MA was the primary reason I later pursued a PhD. The MA gave me the confidence to challenge ideas in subsequent jobs and set me up in turn for designing and leading my own modules on theory and practice to undergraduates. The MA Criminology was not the end of my learning, it had nurtured it again.

Brian Moss is Course Director, Criminology, at Coventry University, UK. He holds a PhD in Sociology relating to analysis of police complaints using GIS and quantitative methods. Brian has worked in probation, policy analysis and research roles, including police oversight and police inspection, in Ireland, Belgium and England.


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