Francisca O'Kelly

graduated from DIT with a BA in Social Care Practice and worked for many years with young people in the homeless sector before deciding to embark on the MA in Criminology programme in DIT. I completed the programme on a part-time basis, over two years while working full time and found the workload manageable. The MA broadened my worldview by introducing me to highly relevant social justice issues and theories of crime. It also strongly improved my writing and presentation skills. 

The lecturers were extremely supportive and always encouraged critical thinking. The programme offered in depth lectures about research methods that gave me the skills to fully explore my subject area of choice - youth justice. Doing research in this field allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the field of youth justice and crime, which has proved invaluable to my work practice and has further enhanced my advocacy skills in relation to the young people I am currently working with. I found the two years studying to be an extremely worthwhile experience during which time I met people from many different careers and backgrounds.



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