Dr. Marty Meinardi



BA in English Language, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

MA in English Literature and Drama Studies, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

Cert TESOL, Trinity College London awarded

PhD in Applied Linguistics, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

2006 Dissertation: The use of real English in language learning: making authentic NS speech accessible through a novel digital slow-down tool. 


Previous Appointments:

Researcher and Senior Researcher, Digital Media Centre, Dublin Institute of Technology.

Enterprise Ireland funded interdisciplinary DITCALL project

Enterprise Ireland sponsored FLUENT project

EU-funded FluenCi project

Pronunciation and fluency in language learners and the occurrence of formulaic sequences in native speaker speech and its role in acquiring fluency.

Second language acquisition and in particular oral and aural skills acquisition.

 Technology enhanced learning

Language processing

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Virtuous Learning Environments in the Applied Arts:  Do Social or Political Issues Influence your Teaching?, Dublin Institute of Technology Teaching and Learning Seminar

Harting Scholarship for one year academic study at Bristol University, UK

DIT awarded Scholarship for PhD study


  • Tel 402 4587
  • Email marty.meinardi@dit.ie
  • Teaching Areas

    Lectures on:

    English as a major language, Cultural background, the Language of Business and Current Affairs on the International Business and Language Degree (IBL DT558)

    Communicative Fluency, Introduction to Language Learning and Teaching and Introduction to TEFL all on the English Studies and a Language Degree (DT517)

    Drama in Education on the Social Care Degree (DT517).

    Year 3 Coordinator for International Business and a Language Degree