Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Game Design

The BA in Game Design is a 4 year degree that focuses on the creation and study of games. The course covers the design of games including: mobile, console, PC, board games, card games, serious games and experimental games. Topics include in-depth analysis of the design of games, practical hands-on development experience and theoretical game studies. 

Along the way students will also learn important skills in programming, digital media creation, problem solving, usability, project management, production and team work. Students will make and release a number of games during the course of this programme, from first year right through to fourth year. During the programme staff work with students to develop a diverse range of games that highlight their specific skills and to tailor their portfolio for after graduation.

DIT is the leading education centre in Ireland for game design with programmes at undergraduate to postgraduate level. We have a track record in producing graduates who can become innovators and entrepreneurs in the game industry. This degree will focus exclusively on the art & science of creating innovative games. Our philosophy is based around the belief that the 21st century will be defined by games much like how previous centuries were defined by novels and cinema.


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  • Level: 8
  • Duration: Four Year

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Career Paths

Graduates from this programme can expect to follow a number of career paths. Many will want to innovate in the games industry, release their own games and setup a studio. Our business modules in 4th year facilitate that. Others will work within the existing games industry as game designers, programmers and testers. As the application of games spreads to areas such as education, business and marketing, graduates could also work in these industries as game designers.