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How To Apply

There are lots of ways to apply to study here at TU Dublin. We welcome applications from people from every background and we try hard to make the process as straightforward as possible. Below, you can see what part applies to you and then simply follow the advice as outlined. Still not sure? Get in touch!



If you are an Irish school leaver applying to First Year Courses

These applications must be made through the CAO. You can find all the information you need at and the closing date for applications is February 1st in the year of entry. You can view CAO points by clicking here or on the individual programme pages listed here

If you want to join a course at 2nd/3rd/4th year through Advanced Entry

Advanced Entry applications are made through the CAO website. Click here for further information. Keep in mind that there are a number of one year add-on degree programmes that are accessible on completion of a relevant Level 7 qualification. You must apply for these through the DIT website and you can see the list here.

With your application form, it is important to send all relevant supporting documentation, including detailed exam results and details of relevant work experience, CV, etc to the CAO. You should always include your application number with all correspondence. 

If you are appyling with QQI/PLC Level 5 qualifications

DIT reserves about 450 places for students presenting qualifications from Level 5 Programmes. You will be applying through the Central Applications Office too. Click here for all the information. 

If you are already a student in TU Dublin

If you are an existing TU Dublin undergraduate student and want to transfer into 2nd / 3rd / 4th of another DIT undergraduate programme, you will not have to complete the CAO Advanced Entry application form.  However, you will need to contact your Head of Programme directly to facilitate this transfer. 

However, if you wish to apply into first year you will have to make a CAO application

If you are a Mature Student

Applicants are considered 'Mature' once they are 23 years or over on 1st January in the year they wish to begin studying. 

Details on applying as a Mature Student can be found by clicking here. Most applications will be made through the Central Applications Office (CAO). There is lots of information including video guides on the CAO website found by clicking here

If you are returning to education after employment or other life experiences, we welcome your application. It can be daunting, but you are not alone and we’ll do our very best to help you get through the application process and find your feet in college life.

If you are applying with High School qualifications from a European Union/ European Free Trade Association Country

All applications from citizens of the European Union are made through the Central Applications Office as above. You can submit details of your previous studies. The CAO will find a points score for you based on your results. To find details on how you can find your score you can click here

Along with the points score you will be required to meet certain subject requirements. These are detailed on the individual programme pages here.  

You can see details of our English Language Requirements here

If you are an International Student (Non European Union)

Students apply to TU Dublin from all over the world and we warmly welcome their applications every year. You can apply directly through our International Office. Keep in mind that you will have to satisfy certain English Language requirements. Contact Non EU International Applications and find out more. (

If you have a disability

At DIT, we are fully committed to helping people with disabilities meet their academic potential. If you are under the age of 23 years of age as of the 1st January of the year of entry to college and your disability has prevented you from achieving the points total you were capable of, you may qualify for DARE. A DIT initiative, Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) is a supplementary admissions scheme for school leavers with disabilities.

You will need to apply to the CAO by 17:15 on 1st February. And you will also need to disclose your disability and/or specific learning difficulty in your CAO application and fully and correctly complete Section A of the Supplementary Information Form (this form (the SIF) is a part of your CAO application).

If you want to be considered for the DARE scheme, you should indicate this on Section A of the fully completed SIF by ticking “Yes” to Question 5 by 17:15 on 1st March. Then you must return the fully completed Second Level Academic Reference (Section B) and Evidence of Disability (Section C) of the SIF to arrive at CAO no later than 17:15 on 1st April.

If you plan to apply through our HEAR programme (socio-economic disadvantage)

Students from all backgrounds are very welcome at TU Dublin. Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) is a third level admissions scheme for school leavers who are under the age of 23 years of age as of the 1st January of the year of entry to college and who are from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds that are recognised by TU Dublin.

If you can provide evidence relating to your socio-economic circumstances and meet the minimum requirements, you are eligible to apply. Your application will then compete for a quota of places allocated to applicants on a reduced points basis in TU Dublin

You need to apply online to CAO by 17:15 on 1 February.  And by the 1st March, you must indicate in your CAO application that you want to apply for the HEAR scheme and you must fully and correctly complete all elements of the HEAR form (the HEAR form is a part of your CAO application). Then you simply submit relevant evidence in support of your application to arrive at CAO no later than 17:15 on 1st April.

HEAR applications can only be made online at

If you plan on deferring entry 

In certain circumstances, you may feel that it is best to defer going to college. At DIT, you are currently able to defer entry for one year. The admissions team will decide whether or not you will be able to defer entry.

Please complete the form at the link

  • TU Dublin Disability Support services
  • TU Dublin Access & Engagement