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Information for parents

Your son or daughter?s education is in safe hands with TU Dublin

You have been with them every step of the way and now the day has arrived when their schooling is nearly over. A third level education can offer your child so much and if they choose TU Dublin, they can be assured of an excellent education and potentially, the first step of a rewarding career.

What TU Dublin can offer the student in your family….

  • Great courses and small class sizes – our range of courses is unmatched by any university in Ireland. And with class sizes kept much smaller than other colleges, our students are assured of attention, assessment and monitoring.
  • Support Services – we have put in place a range of services that are designed to help your son or daughter make the transition from school to college.
  • Health and wellbeing – your child’s health and wellbeing will have a real impact on their academic and college performance. From healthy eating initiatives to engaging student welfare programmes, we want to provide all the support and guidance required to help your child stay healthy and happy.
  • Dublin as city is a major international hub for business and technology. It successfully combines its vibrant history with a modern city that is simply a great place in which to live and work. So many of our graduates stay on to work in our proud city after they leave us.  For infomation on living in Dublin please seee the information outlined below.

One thing is for sure. If your child makes the choice to come and study at TU Dublin, it might be the best decision they will ever make. And you can be sure that their career and personal development is in safe hands…

To find out more, get in touch

Student Accomodation:

Student Accomodation is a hot topic for many parents and student alike, there is a real perception that student accomodation is unavailable and where suitable accomodation is found it is extremely pricey.  We would like assure this is not the case.   We had over 300 rooms left available on our website at the end of September 2018, in recent years there has been a surge in building private student accomodation and this means that there are more options available to students who chose to study in Dublin .

What type of accomodation is best suited to your child?

We have completed extensive research in this area and it seems that students who choose to make the transition from Secondary School to College by living in digs (with a family) in the first year transition more smoothly and are happier than students that choose to live alone or with other students in their first year.  Moving from a family/secondary school environment where everything is overseen by parents and teachers to moving away for the first time and trying to settle into a completely new way of learning, making new friends and taking care of everything from meals to laundry can be a very big step to take all at once for a young person, therefore based on our findings we recommend that students consider this option for at least the first year.  Moving into second year they have settled in to their programme, have their group of friends and are more familiar with the city so this stage they are more prepared to take the next step of living along and taking the responsibility of all that entails.

Check our our Flyer: Student Accomodation