In 2010 DIT produced 1102tonnes of Waste - that's all the java city cups, your various lunchtime snack and all that waste paper you generate doing assignments.

Minimizing waste contributes to a more sustainable DIT in many ways. By using less, reusing more, recycling and composting, we can preserve land, save energy, conserve water, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve natural resources.

The university is continually improving collection activities, identifying new markets for waste materials and recyclables, and raising awareness so that “reduce, reuse and recycle” becomes habit. DIT is continuing its committment to the cause through our appointment of Thortons Recycling group as our main waste contractor.

DIT = 1102 tonnes of Waste

609 tonnes to Landfill, the dump.

493 tonnes recycled or recovered.

45% of all waste was diverted from Landfill in 2010.


Breakdown of DIT Rathmines waste types 2008 - 2011

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Our Goal

Through various means including the further seperation of waste, we aim to divert 60% of all DIT waste from going to landfill in 2011.