DIT’s Centre for Social & Educational Research

The CSER is dedicated to supporting the improvement of the quality of life of families and children in Ireland with much of the Centre’s research involving a particular focus on children, their families and the communities in which they live. As an independent research and policy analysis body located within DIT’s Faculty of Applied Arts, it aims to impact on social and educational policies and practices through the provision of research data and information to guide and support policy makers and practitioners. The Centre has an established track record of research on social and educational policies and practices including work patterns and family structure, early childhood care and education (ECCE), social care/alternative care, juvenile justice, contemporary youth and children and the information society.

DIT’s Centre for Transcultural & Media Practice

Along with being home to Irelands Institute for Minority Entrepreneurship, DIT also offers a distinctive, interdisciplinary postgraduate and research environment, dedicated to scholarly and public understandings of globalization and migration, transcultural identity formations and the changing landscape of new media technologies and public spheres. The Centre for Transcultural & Media Practice promotes the innovative use of lens and screen-based practice, allied to ethnographic methods in social research.

DIT’s Community Links

DIT has an established history in developing in tandem with diverse local communities. For example, the Community Links Programme comprises a number of projects operated in communities that have experienced educational disadvantage. The programmes include Dublin Inner-City Schools Computerisation Project (DISC), The Digital Community, Educational Awareness Programme, DIT Access Service, Pathways through Education, Ballymun Wind Band Project, Community Arts Programme, and the Supervised Study Programme.

This experience can be transferred to working with all levels of society when looking to develop and implement Sustainable Development initiatives.

DIT’s Research Institute for Culture and Heritage

The interdisciplinary RICH Institute fosters the development of quality research in culture and heritage related areas, capitalising on the expertise established in the Faculties of Built Environment, Tourism, Engineering, and Applied Arts.